Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Supreme Court?!

This is all an integral part of a Political Rochambeau!

So I have this thing...with the Supreme Court. And its ability to make up words.

I love words.

Sidenote: (I woke last week with the words colloquialism and anomaly in my head. Why? Duh...because it is an anomaly to use the word colloquialism. C'mon now. Alllllllright, I don't actually know why I dreamt of those two words. But there you have it – I've lost my mind. It goes for walks without me now.) End sidenote.

So I love words. And I love politics. The two of them combined is like a stimulation overload for me. I had a debate on Board of Education v. Earls a semester or twelve ago. It was on, and I quote, Suspicionless Drug Testing. Ooh spell check cops an attitude over that one. And I love it. You are wrong spell check! The Federal Government says so.

Oprah once said. "It literally broke my heart." I can't remember what she was blabbering about, but this statement pleased my soul. She is the most recognized and potentially powerful woman in America. And she sounded like a moron. Mmmm. Yes. Let me bask in this but once more... No Oprah, silly fool. If something literally broke your heart, you'd be dead. And I'd take your job. For now, keep up with good work in Darfur. Love you girl.

A few more thoughts:
The contradictory definitions of these words are so cruel. It makes me smile:

1. Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia: Fear of long words.
2. Circumlocution: The use of more words than necessary to express something, especially to avoid saying it directly. (This one's not as good. But what a stupid, long word. Amiright?!)

I think so, Political Rochambeau!!!